Services of PVTRANS

PVTrans's capacity, experience, and development strategy, fully trust the needs of internal and external clients; moreover, at the same time, we always focus on developing services to become one of the best company leading marine services, oil and gas in the Vietnam market as well as in the region.

Our service includes many related arrays below:

Transportation of crude oil

PVTrans is a leading player in Vietnam of crude oil transportation. Operating a young and technologically advanced fleet of Aframax tankers, PVTrans delivers the highest quality of service to its customer base of oil majors and traders.

Transportation of oil products

PVTrans is developing a fleet of oil product tankers including MR tankers of 40,000 – 50,000 DWT for international transportation and smaller tankers to serve domestic market and oil refineries in Vietnam

Transportation of gas

Liquefied petroleum gas transportation is also a business activity of PVTrans ...

Overland transport

Cargo transport is also being focused to catch up with thermal power plants...

Technical services of oil and gas

Petroleum technical services continue to be maintained stable ...

Logistics Services

PVTrans is developing a number of petroleum marine bases to serve and support logistics services for PV Trans’ fleet and for other clients

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